red cent 3

It’s not worth it, unless it’s worth at least one red cent.

If you can only keep your business afloat by draining your IRA, taking out a second mortgage on the house, selling your body, or relying on your pension — it’s not a business, I’m afraid to say, but an expensive hobby.

Now it could be that you decided to a make a go of it for reasons that have little or nothing to do with profit and loss.

But that aside, you should probably not go into this thinking that you will be living large off needlepoint.

Well, that’s it. The truth may cruel, but it can set you free of any illusions you may have about owning a B&M store.

That said, there is absolutely, positively nothing else I would rather be doing — so long as it makes prudent economic sense.

Money, money, money…. and needlepoint too?