If it’s Wednesday, it must be Stitchmania time at the store.

When:  1 – 4pm.

Where:  Needlepoint Land.

Last week’s turnout was, quite frankly, modest, but I am hoping for many more stitchers to come today — particularly since it’s so cold out today, and the beach, golf, tennis and boating won’t be so tempting!  Nothing like a warm and cozy place to go stitching on a chilly day with friends new and old!

They’ll be sitting at the long Ethan Allen table that you can glimpse in the background below.  (Click on each pic to enlarge.)


Needlepoint Land Nov 19


If there’s an overflow, my guests can always huddle around this nice table that Anne Cram brought with her yesterday when she stopped by Needlepoint Land.

Anne Cram Table

In addition to her feline canvases that you saw yesterday, Anne also brought a couple of other big canvases that I have displayed right at the front of the store.

Apple Pickers 2


Amagansett Wicker (2)

By the way, the canvases you see on Anne’s table are the ones I told you I was expecting in the Pilgrim’s Progress post.  Here are some closeups:


Native American Woman with pumpkin


Native Amreican with bow and arrow


RC Pumpkin Floral.


RC Pumpkin FLoral Stitch Guide

And if there’s a really big turnout, there’s always room to sit on the chalk painted sleigh bench!

NPL sleigh bench


Well, it’s time to head to the store.  But first, let me see if I can dig out my faux-fur Arctic Winter parka — I know I have it somewhere!


Blue Headed Parrot Master 5