King Frog

The Internet is a messy, cluttered place, and it’s difficult for a needlepoint retailer to stand out.

Nancy King needlepoint

Stitched by Erin

For that reason, I’ve always been interested in displaying Needlepoint Land merchandise in visually striking ways, and have longed for a simple technique to wrap text around a finished piece that doesn’t result in the usual, boxy look (such as this text wrap around the finished Nancy L. King frog to the right).

For those of you who are into that sort of thing, this post should be your cup of tea.

It’s a peek at a brand new Web technology that will soon allow retailers to produce more attractive online catalogs and page layouts much more simply — without relying on Photoshop or Gimp.

This new styling feature is neither dependent on image editing, nor restricted by the so-called “tyranny of the rectangle” imposed by HTML (which is the markup language used for producing Web pages).

Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t support it yet.

As a workaround, I’m pleased to preview a live demo in the CodePen embed you see below (sorry but the text wrap around an image feature does not yet work with IE or Firefox or Chrome Android!).



If you are not using Chrome 37+ (which are the only browser versions from Google that currently supports CSS3 shapes — CSS is a language that is used to style HTML pages), here’s a screen shot of what this demo looks like in a browser environment (in this case, an HTML program running on my desktop) that supports the Crafty Girls font and the required CSS functionality.

This is not content that is photoshopped around an image: it is actually done with “pure” CSS3.

King Frog demo

King Frog with Crafty Girls font content wrap