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Erin’s new dream car

What to do about the occasional parking problem at Needlepoint Land?

The other day, I was gazing out my front window at the drizzly emptiness outside.

And I thought, you know, sometimes it’s feast or famine in terms of parking spaces around here.

One day, it’ll all be hogs and skanky pickup trucks and 7th day Adventist sedans (but only on Saturdays), and the next, it’ll be emptier than MetLife stadium during a Jets home game.

As one of Fla’s leading entrepreneurial luminaries, I had to come up with a savvy business solution.

What to do?

I stitched some, then gazed at the ceiling for a while, thinking about how I could really use some track lighting, then remembered something I published two years ago in my legacy blog.

The topic was 10 biz ideas to undertake if you don’t have a B&M but want to run a needlepoint biz anyway. It went something like this:

Why not buy a nice 1950s ice cream truck or retro woody, refurbish it, and stock it with canvases and threads?

That way customers don’t have to come to you:  you go to them!  (in Florida, you can even set up shop at a public beach parking lot).

And as a bonus, if you’re late for your a go-go appointment, you can always say you had a flat tire or some road rage person ran you off Old Dixie.

You know what? That’s not such a bad idea — even if you do have a B&M. When it’s moonsoonish around here, or if business is slow due perhaps to the hogs, rusting F150s and 7th Day sedan situation, why not take to the road and brings my merchandise direct to a prospective customer’s door?

It’s a marvelous idea, don’t you think?

The only question remaining is would that 2015 Nissan Juke you see up top simply be too flashy for the job?


gulp stitcher

…  Maybe I should just look for a 1940s teardrop camper instead.


9 x 9 18m

Cooper Oaks – 9 x 9 18m