Welcome to the “new” FB

from the Dec 8, 2014 issue of the NY Times,

Facebook is updating its terms of service as of Jan. 1. They state in clearer terms that Facebook will be tracking your location (unless you disable it), vacuuming up data that other people provide about you and even contacts from your phone’s address book (if you sync it to your account) — important provisions many of Facebook’s 1.35 billion users may not even notice when they click “accept.”


And from the legal opinion in the link above:

To be granted rights to track an individual’s movements, and thus the people that [sic] would be with those individuals, and to potentially commercially exploit without permission all pictures posted on Facebook without specific consent, is breath-taking.


Going forward, needlepoint stitchers and designers who post pictures on FB and who do not wish anonymous third-parties spying on their physical movements, content preferences, relationships… well, cheers on that one.

In effect, subscribing to FB (and its social media ilk) can start to amount to nothing less that the witting or unwitting abandonment of any remaining right to privacy (let alone right to be forgotten, per EU lawsuits against Google), which has in many ways turned parts of the Internet into a sort of modern-day Gestapo.

If you think that does not apply to you, best of luck next year applying for your next loan, job, apartment rental, or trying to enforce any copyrights on pics of your latest designs.

As the ad goes, what’s in your wallet?




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