Fabulous felines

sunrise cheetah

Okay, so I’m a little obsessive about needlepoint cats, big and small.

For instance, I’ve always loved this Sunrise Cheetah canvas from JP.

So I recently ordered it for Needlepoint Land, and am now offering it at $156 dollars.

This lovely 13m piece measures 11″ h x 14″ w.

By the way, I’ve been seriously interested — in a cat’s ages, if you will — in having a Florida panther design custom painted for the store.

panther-1Here’s an image I’ve been considering since my legacy blog days.

It’s an illustration by a very talented Florida artist named Kenny Oliver who kindly given me permission last year to use it for a chart painting tutorial I published in my legacy blog.

I’m now thinking of asking one of my favorite needlepoint designers to maybe have it inspire her to come up with something that works nicely on needlepoint canvas.

If you happen to like Florida panthers, or needlepoint canvases featuring Big Cats in general, just email me your fave pics so that I can put them up in the PIX section in Needlepoint Land (which reminds me, I have to put my pic of the finished floral pillow that a customer brought to the store yesterday!  done.).

Meanwhile, I’ll leave with a few other Big Cat designs from JP.

Just call or shoot me an email if you want to order one of these beauties!