Needlepoint Land @ Nite


This post marks my 518th on Needlepoint Land. Legacy blog 434 + New catablog 84.  But then again, who’s counting?  😉

At any rate, I made a few more  more changes to the front window display.

Apart from the spinning wheel, which you have seen already, there’s now a mini Times Square type running ticker that I am going to use to announce various events and promos.

As you can see, I’ve also placed a small monitor in the left window display, and will use it mostly to create slideshows that feature my latest trunks.

The vintage Harley Davidson buckle is a nod to the clientele of the Old Dixie Grill next door.

Some people have hogs, others only wish they did!

ps Today, I’m taking a family heirloom authentic Wedgewood lamp and placing it by the front right display window.  It’s may be just the thing to illuminate the Spinning Wheel display at night, and look fab during the day too.  We’ll see. If it works out okay, I’ll put up pics of it later.


Olde Dixie Grill