Happy New Year!

Bergdorf Goodman Needlepoint display window

You might have noticed on my Twitter timeline that the TNNA this week tweeted about the recent Yahoo article that announced 2015 is going to be the Year of Needlepoint.

As a needlepoint shop owner, I certainly love positive buzz about the craft we all love!

Mentioned in this trend-spotting article is this year’s Literature display Christmas window at Bergdorf Goodman, the high-end retailer on Fifth Ave in NYC.

Here’s an excerpt of what the NY Post had  to say about that display

Just call Bergdorf Goodman the Ghost of Christmas Past. The theme for this year’s holiday windows is “The Arts,” with a panel dedicated to literature. But you won’t see icons like Toni Morrison up there. “For legal reasons, we have to stick with people who are deceased for 75 years or more,” David Hoey,the shop’s window dresser tells Threads. “Otherwise, we have to obtain permission from the estate.” So, instead you’ll see fabric busts, portraits and books from “everyone from Shakespeare to lesser-known authors.”

And then there was this, in Vice.com’s blog

At least 11 million stitches are in this window, estimates Hoey. The piece overflows with all kinds of fiber art, including needlepoint portraits of Emily Dickinson, William Shakespeare and Herman Melville, felt busts of Homer and Edgar Allan Poe, a dog sculpture handcrafted from yarn, a macramé owl, knitted quotations, and a wide wale corduroy upholstered chair—all decked out in brilliant red. “One way to dazzle is to put so much stuff into a window that nobody can believe it,” he says. “It’s almost a lunatic thing to set out to do a window like this.”

I tried to identify all the authors on display, definitely noticed that Oscar Wilde was skipped in the Vice name check, but couldn’t place them all, alas.

No matter.

It’s still a beautiful display, and needlepoint is indeed a beautiful craft.

Happy 2015, everyone!