Wild Horses

Kate Dickerson Stallion

Trotting Horse 12″w x 9″ h 18m


This fishnet horse by Kate Dickerson Designs (formerly, KSH) arrived last week at Needlepoint Land.

Boopie, in front of a store that's right next to Needlepoint Land!

Boopie, in front of one of the cute stores that share the same plaza as Needlepoint Land!

I think my dear mother — who was also known as Betty Boop! — would have loved it. In addition to needlepoint stitching, she passed on to me her love of collecting Herend porcelain figurines.

Anyway, gotta run, as I have to open in less than an hour…

Maybe I should just hop on my needlepoint stallion and cut through all the yukkie morning traffic.