Latest Finishings

Here are 3 finished pieces that arrived at Needlepoint Land yesterday.

Lovely stitching, and gorgeous work by my finisher.

Doesn’t needlepoint really make that hand-painted Limoges box stand out?!

By the by, it looks like I’m going to go live with an online shopping cart sometime next week, so stay tuned. (this is now under review, pending the final results of the eCommerce Poll)

Ye gods!

In the meantime, please feel free to take a moment to add below any comments you would like to make regarding Needlepoint Land’s upcoming plunge into the world of online shopping.

Any thoughts you care to share — from what kind of products you would like to see offered, to thoughts on whether you would consider shopping for needlepoint canvases on your mobile device (such as an iPhone) — would be most welcome.

Many thanks to all who have encouraged me, here, privately, at my Stitch-O-mania group, or on FB, to take the plunge into e-commerce.

I’m certainly excited about  it, and eagerly look forward to the next chapter of “The Adventures of Erin in Needlepoint Land”!

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