Easy eCommerce Poll

This poll is now officially closed.  Thank you for your participation.


I’m confused.

In the last few days, there have been thousands of views on my blog.

During this period, I put up several posts that asked the question: should Needlepoint Land finally get an online shopping cart?

Not to sound peeved or anything, but only 1 person — my former boss, Mary Jo, in addition to a smattering of positive feedback on FB — left a comment.

Naturally, I found this rather baffling — and it certainly gave me pause. Thousands of views; 1 comment.

In my opinion, a needlepoint store cannot succeed online in a vacuum.

So, before spending any of my hard-earned money on a virtual storefront presence, I’m taking a poll.

Please respond!

All you have to do is click one of the following 5 options:


Poll will close Sunday, January 25th, at midnight.

Results will be published for all to see.

Thank you for your participation.

I will announce my final decision by COB Monday, and am now opening this post for comments — as I would be quite interested, for example, in what your minimum threshold would be as to a go no go decision based on this poll.

It’s your chance to put yourself in the shoes of a needlepoint store owner!

2 thoughts on “Easy eCommerce Poll

  1. Wow. 3 hours! You sound like a real stitcher who knows exactly what she likes! I totally approve of supporting your LNS, and thank you for your nice comment. Btw I am doing a promo of the Pepperberry trunk show currently at Needlepoint Land. For the bigger snowmen and snow ladies pillow-sized pieces, I am offering either the accompanying magnet or stitch guide (by the famed Vicky DeAngelis) at no charge! Also watch for a special giant promo on Birds of a Feather canvases that I’m putting up very soon, either later today or by tomorrow. Again, thx for commenting.

  2. I have to drive about 3 hours to visit my favorite needlepoint stores in Houston, and I love supporting and taking classes with them. But when a long-distance shop offers a canvas or club that appeals to me and has new stitch guide techniques that I can learn, I have purchased it, making sure with the shop owner that they will do the finishing for my piece. I’ve even taken a couple of classes over the internet and with Skype. I’ve had nothing but delightful experiences meeting and dealing with long-distance shop owners and employees via telephone or email.

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