Alae II

Here is Part II of the Birds of a Feather trunk.  The layout of the pics here is geared toward easy scrollingg on a mobile device,  and are large enough to eliminate the need for an additional click to enlarge an image.

This is in lieu of the usual sliding gallery approach, which can be rather time consuming to click through. Ditto the display approach where needlepoint shops show endless pages of pics, which end up merging into some indistinguishable glob in the viewer’s brain.

For those of you who are interested in such things, there is a huge debate raging on WordPressright now as to whether visual presentations should be optimized for desktop users or mobile devices.

Something called “responsive design” is supposed to guarantee that pages look great on both platforms, but the reality is that this has yet to be truly achieved by WordPress: it depends on the theme one uses, and other factors. There are technical glitches to consider, depending on the platform and browser used.

Without further ado, here are more Birds of a Feather designs that are currently available in one of Needlepoint Land’s ongoing trunk shows.









z35z34 z33z32z30z29




  * more to come in Part III *

2 thoughts on “Alae II

  1. Hi Mary okay here is what I can do: I can control the pics size at 500px (pixels) width so they fit nicely in a smartphone and be more or less uniform vertically on a scrollable page on the desktop and iPhone. or i can make them 800 px but then i dont quite have quite as much control over the sizes on the desktop (in terms of being uniform and thus aesthetically pleasing to the eye) although they do more or less resize correctly on an iphone as long as it is not on a gallery. But I will play around with various px widths on a humungus Birds of a Feather promo that I’m putting up very soon. Hope you like how that turns out!

  2. These pictures are coming through nicely, both on my mac and my iphone. Good job. One thought……is it possible to make the jpgs so that they can click and enlarge, or is that too complicated. I do that with some of my own pictures so that I can almost see what stitches I chose for certain projects.

    See you Thursday…… Mary

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