The people have spoken

Update, Tuuesday Jan 27th:

Upon further reflection, I have decided to first assess the level of sales inquiries on a couple of  trunk show promo cycles on this blog before embarking on some hideously half-hearted eCommerce experiment.  Should there be a sufficiently robust response via phone or email to these, I will definitely consider it.

The truth is that the proposition of Needlepoint Land was based on the idea of a lovely little B&M needlepoint shop that caters to stitchers in the immediate area — providing there were enough of them to profitably support an LNS..

There are plenty of online mail order shops out there.

Quite frankly, that was never initially part of my vision for Needlepoint Land. However, there has been a noticeable rise in traffic of late on this blog.

We shall see what we shall see, and, let me add one more hackneyed bon mot: whatever happens, it is what it is.




It’s not yet midnight.

Yet all this traffic (400 views today alone), and my poll only received 27 votes (with about an hour to go)?

27 measly votes.

This is an outrage!

Over 100 unique visitors (with multiples of that in terms of number of views and total number of visits) to Needlepoint Land over the poll weekend… and only 27 of you voted.

You just don’t care.

I’m such a failure.

I don’t know why you come here anyway.

NO LOITERING SIGNSo scoot! Scat! No Loitering! Parking for customers only!

There’s nothing to see here.

…just kidding.

Actually, the response rate for Needlepoint land’s eCommerce Poll clocked in at around 26 per cent. This is way above average, according to Constant Contact.

Moreover, the results of the poll were particularly encouraging: over 60 per cent of those who voted said they would definitely purchase merchandise from Needlepoint Land via an online shopping cart.

I’m not going to get into any boring financial details here. Plus, it’s proprietary.

Suffice it to say that it’s possible — using the results of the poll and some fancy manipulation of WP-provided internal blog stats as well as charge card historical data — to extrapolate some simple but useful (and credible) statistical projections.

These results were sufficiently promising to take the next step: a trial eCommerce run.

Stay tuned for more announcements in that regard.

And thank you to all who responded to my eCommerce poll, especially those of you who took the time to write me your detailed and thoughtful comments.

It’s going to be fun!