Traffic Analysis

Traffic Analysis II
Even though this is usually everyone’s hush hush well kept secret, I’ll publish the traffic numbers that Needlepoint Land received over the last two days.

January 27

89 visitors

The future of Needlepoint and Monster BOAF Sale got most of the traffic
The future of Needlepoint received double the traffic of Monster Sale

January 26

523 views (a single day record)
87 visitors

Responsive Design Test, The people have spoken, and Monster BOAF Sale got most of the traffic
Responsive Design and The People combined achieved triple the traffic of Monster BOAF sale

Another thing you might have noticed is that I installed a Feedjit widget, which you can see on the sidebar.  This probably does not actually give you a complete view of who comes to the blog (for incomprehensibly mysterious tech reasons no doubt), but does provide a sense of who comes from where.

To test Feedjit, I logged on and off several times to see if it actually works.  Interestingly, very few locals seem to read my blog. Btw, I turned it off last night — which is why you see this big 6 hour gap.


Hmmm…. is the online BOAF Monster sale for the birds?  Should turn into a sort of sassy women’s ezine with a ‘tude?

Not just about things needlepoint — this in order to amp up the unique visitor count past some hallucinatory number — but one that deals with issues that confront women over 40?

If traffic keeps growing like this for the opinion pieces, I might have some fun with this AND make money off ads.

After all, I did write for a living when I lived in New York in the 80s and 90s (brag, brag — it was just PR, sorry, I meant science writer and PR) — and the Needlepoint Land tech crew might chomp at the bit to create dazzling user interface designs on a different blogging platform that allows for more creativity, rather than have to deal with the Trunk Show pic salt mines.

Maybe over time I could become a female, middle-aged version of Cristian Mihai, who just started following me today, and who himself has about 4000 followers to my 10, and lots of ads and, oh yes come to Mama, hundreds of comments for each post, as opposed to the tumbleweed-blowing-across-a-deserted-back-road True West  experience in the comments section that is just so typical of  your average needlepoint related blog?

All kidding aside, the key to something like this would be to expand the blog’s subject reach — I was really trying to be hyperlocal in terms of both my store, and my blog. Maybe that was a mistake. Maybe there is an unpent desire by women like me to be exposed to the Internet of ideas and real opinions, instead of the Internet of things and marketing speak.

What do you think?

Come on ladies, don’t be shy.

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