Latest Traffic Report

Pic of the back of a local dive. Green traffic light means bar's open

Pic of the back of a local dive. Green traffic light means bar’s open

I’ve already published late last night (yes, in season, I don’t sleep) a short post about how the Wednesday Stitch-O-Mania extravaganza went at the store. You can read about that here.

Now on to how the blog did.

Yesterday’s traffic pattern confirm some interesting and highly unexpected trends, which seem to portend a totally seismic shift in Needlepoint Land, if not the industry as a whole.

BoaFWed Jan 28 was another day of near record traffic for the blog: 516 views, which is 7 off the record that was set on Jan 26. 75 unique visitors dropped in, some landing more than once throughout the day, which is well above the average of 50 or so per day that the blog tended to experience last year.

As your favorite needlepoint web traffic meteorologist, I’m cautiously optimistic this pattern will continue.

It is actually impossible to tell exactly where most of the traffic navigated, simply by looking at the primitive WordPress stats page. Much of the traffic is lumped together into a bucket called “Home Page / Archives,” which is brain-damaged, turning this into an exercise in futility to tell what that means in terms of where the bulk of the viewers go after they land on the home page.

But judging from what WP does break down in terms of traffic on individual pages (which it a smaller number, whose totals do not equal what you see in the Home Page numbers), it looks like yesterday’s web Traffic Analysis and the Feb Trunk Show Teaser handily beat the traffic that went to the BoaF trunk unless that traffic is baked into the Home Page numbers.

Fried Shrim and curly friesI did entice the lazy beach bum tech crew (by offering them free Fried Shrimp with Curly Fries and Mahi Mahi burritos) to add another 20 images to the BoaF gallery (another 30 going up today Late note: Unfortunately, these headstrong and lazy fiends decided to cook a moussaka dish instead, so maybe tomorrow…. * sigh *), but what the latest traffic patterns seem to indicate is that — despite the fact that I am selling the Birds of a Weather canvases at a price that beats almost everyone out there — online continues to be a very poor tool for cost-effectively (obviously Google Adwords are not free, and their cost can can quickly escalate, unless strict limits are placed) selling needlepoint canvases in large enough quantities that add significantly to a B&M’s bottom line  — unless maybe one is willing to join eBay, with its rivers of traffic: an option that cannot blithely be dismissed, if the regular B&M business model has become or is increasingly becoming unsustainable.

Another ancillary trend (this from the store data) — apart from the unusually deep-seated reluctance of stitchers, vendors, designers, or other store owners to comment on industry-specific blogs — is that needlepoint canvas customers are tending to buy the smaller pieces from all three trunks that I have going in Jan. Perhaps everyone is still recovering from their Xmas shopping fiestas, and are saving up to go on a wild and crazy shopping spree in Feb. Then again, maybe not.

Judging from all the distressingly dark B&M storefronts in the area, and the seemingly thriving business that other needlepoint shops appear to be doing in certain other parts of the country, I would say that the US needlepoint market is splitting into two distinct Haves and Have Nots retail demographics, which I will further discuss in eyeball-glazing, jealous detail when I don’t have to walk the dog and get ready to go to work.

And that about does it for this morning’s edition of the needlepoint weather report!

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