Yesterday’s mania

Stitchomania Jan 28

The Wednesday Stitch-mania group is getting bigger and bigger.

I’l have to get more chairs soon!

Ready for Stitch-O-mania

Ready for Stitch-O-mania

We had two new-comers today and someone who came to Needlepoint Land to shop now wants to come and join the fun next Wednesday. To paraphrase a good friend of mine…”just a really nice group with no agenda except to have some fun and get some stitching done”.

It’s a grand group and everyone helps each other as they each do their own thing without me acting as The Director.

It really is so enjoyable to see a lot of enthusiastic stitchers at one table.

One of our regulars Lisa B., unfortunately, has to head up north and will be there for the next round of Flurricanes.

We’ll miss you Lisa, but we’ll reserve a seat for you when you get back to sunny FL.

Meanwhile I added 20 new canvases to the BOAF gallery yesterday.

My goal is to add another 30 later today!



2 thoughts on “Yesterday’s mania

  1. Hello Marilyn, so great to see you commenting on my blog again! I’ve missed you. I am not sure if you are accessing the blog via a mobile device or a desktop computer, but if the latter, there is a tendency for ISPs to use pre-assigned IP blocks that they rotate among their customers dynamically. There is also the complex issue of how IXP-derived IPs get used and rotated among ISPs. This is very complex topic, and I am not a network engineer. Suffice it to say that WordPress only tells you which country your visitor is from, whereas the traffic widget can tell me more less what part of the country, generally speaking, which is much more useful than just “US”.

    Same does not hold for, say, iPhones or Android mobile devices, where geolocation data has to be exact, for the tower grid system of handoffs to work correctly (for example, when you talking on the phone in a car on a highway: you get passed from one wireless grid area to another.)

  2. I find it very interesting that every time I go to your blog, the traffic widget has accurately placed me in North Carolina, but each time it is in a different town, some of which I have never even heard of, and one of which is at least a 2 hour drive away. I am glad my GPS does better.


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