Buck Pining 2

The lazy-bones Needlepoint Land tech crew are finally getting off their duffs to do some fancy-schmancy coding on the site in preparation for some upcoming changes.

You might see lots of odd things happen in this post, like double titles and broken links. No worries.

This is just a placeholder page for some testing they need to perform.

The objective is to enable a viewer to click on a pinned post’s featured image (the square pics you see on the home page) and navigate to here — a Needlepoint Land test site.

This method of hyperlinking is currently not possible, but the tech crew think some Guru level coding may do the trick.

Stay tuned.

Update:  For various technical reasons, it appears that not even guru level coding can accomplish this  Oh well.  At least the effort was made. There are just certain things about WordPress.com that you can’t change.


Shep img is from Erin’s private collection.