It’s hard to say goodbye

… so I will just say au revoir to the two trunks from Pepperberry Designs and Silver Needle that I ran at Needlepoint Land in January.

Below is a pic of me burning the midnight oil last night packing what was left of the trunk shows in the boxes they came in, and making sure all the items were checked off correctly.

Funnily enough, before I was able to ship them out today, a customer came in and cleaned me out of some Silver Needle canvases that I had already packed and were sitting in an open box. ready to be taken to be shipped back.

I love when that happens!

Nightbird dz

Nightbird cz

Nightbird 8

Nightbird bz


PS Can you spot a pair of German Shepherd ears in the counter pic?

2 thoughts on “It’s hard to say goodbye

  1. Thanks Mary Jo! Have to pack up another one tomorrow for Monday shipping. Julie Pischke is the current trunk and has some fun crab canvases. I think you liked the Calypso crab, but she has a blue one also which I have not yet put up on the blog. I absolutely LOVE the finishing on those signs and would love to stitch the Santa one, but it keeps flying out of the store.

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