Arti Gras

arty gras map

This Sunday Needlepoint Land took a road trip to Arti Gras at the Abacoa Town Center in Jupiter, Florida, which I decided to visit with my husband in tow.

It was Fabu meeting Ellen Negley the watercolorist whose artwork has been expertly adapted into needlepoint by Suzanne Overstreet of Purple Palm Designs.  Ellen mentioned that it was at last year’s ArtiGras that she and Suzanne met and needlepoint history was made!  I will say for the record that some of these pieces would look really nice as needlepoint designs.  Hmmmm…

Well, now. Instead of a lot of talk from me, I’l just show you some of the pics we took — which I’ve left huge, so you can get a full sense of the beauty of the artwork.  Just click on the images and you will get the full effect.

And I have to mention that Julia Gilmore (the artist wearing mirrored sunglasses, a few picture down, standing next to her fresh Popcorn Boxes)  is the Blue Ribbon winner of this year’s show. Isn’t her work outstanding?!

We start off where the St. Louis Cardinals hold  their spring training…



If these watercolors look familiar to you, this is Ellen Negley, whose artwork has been adapted to needlepoint by Suzanne Overstreet of Purple Palm Designs.

20150215_135608 20150215_135447 20150215_134103 20150215_134043 20150215_134004 20150215_133914 20150215_132939 20150215_132452 20150215_130359 20150215_130236 20150215_125752 20150215_125713 20150215_125340 20150215_124300 20150215_124249 20150215_124239 20150215_124201 20150215_124147 20150215_124142 20150215_124132 20150215_124126 20150215_124124 20150215_123933 20150215_123858 20150215_123749 20150215_123732 20150215_123724 20150215_123549 20150215_123514 20150215_123436 20150215_123416 20150215_123400 20150215_122851 20150215_122811 20150215_122443 20150215_122033 20150215_121811 20150215_121625 20150215_121331 20150215_121314 20150215_121301

Note the beautiful Visual Choreography pieces by Ed Loedding up somewhere at the top of this deck. My husband, who took some of the pictures in this post (with permission from the artists of course!), got to chatting with Dorothy, Ed’s wife.

Dorothy Loedding in Amagansett

Turns out he had studied in France in the early 70s in the same Junior Year Abroad program with Dorothy’s best friend, LJ. My husband happened to be among the very same group studying in Nice and actually knew L.J. too.

As they say, it’s a small world indeed.

Lastly, here are pics of the business cards of some of the artists we had the pleasure of meeting today.

20150215_165558 20150215_165601 20150215_165605 20150215_165611 20150215_165613 20150215_165616 20150215_165619


Well, that’s it!

Hope you enjoyed the tour.

Many thanks to Anne Cram Weissman for suggesting this outing. I will be accompanying her next week to the art show in Juno Beach.

In addition to being the President of the Montauk Art Association, she will be putting together several art shows at The End next summer — as well as adding a major craft show in August to her full summer schedule. Anne is also a needlepoint painter par excellence!

Dorothy Loedding pic by
All others © 2015 Needlepoint Land, LLC

All artwork pics used with permission from the artists.

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