Downtown Art Festival

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Needlepoint Artist extraordinaire Anne Weissman shares a laugh with Ron Witherspoon at Stuart Downtown Art Festival earlier today.

I love his elegant pieces, but I did have some trouble in the bright sunlight with the reflection off the glass.

This is particularly noticeable in the top photo, however the clouds and palm trees reflecting off the glass creates its own little touch to this piece.

Ron uses threads of all kinds to create his fabulous works of art.

Anne had told me that Ron was exhibiting in this show and his was the first booth we visited!  I absolutely fell in love with the handsome couple wearing red and white outfits.

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Also of note was the vibrant animal portraiture, created by Mike, who had done a custom piece of Anne’s whippet, Katie. Anne was delighted by the finished product, which she picked up this morning.

The needlepoint pattern you see below is from Anne’s red bag, which she brought to the Art Festival today. She designed it herself, and it’s part of her needlepoint line — which you can order from Needlepoint Land!

needlepoint bag design