Needlepoint, it’s everywhere!


I decided at least for today that I would go back to my regularly scheduled tennis match with David on Mondays.

When I walked into the entrance of  Jonathan’s Landing tennis club, I saw a most beautiful needlepoint canvas stitched by one of the residents who lives at Jonathan’s. I took some snaps, & had someone look up the needle artist’s telephone number so that I get permission to publish her fabulous work on my blog.

row of ladies plaqueRenella returned my call this afternoon while I was doing some paperwork at the shop and we had a great conversation about stitching.  We’re looking forward to meeting in person soon.  She has been stitching (both counted cross and needlepoint), quilting and doing various hand work for quite some time. Renella taught her 5 daughters all of these disciplines as well. They still stitch (when they have the time!), and now some of her granddaughters are also avid cross stitchers.

This piece — Row of Ladies— will be exhibited at the Jonathan’s Landing juried art show early next month. Notice the bling on this piece: sequins, beads, crystals, silk braid, and all that good stuff.

I would not be surprised at all if Renella wins a Blue Ribbon.  She’s got my vote.

After all, needlepoint rules!