The Artisans visit Needlepoint Land


Yesterday, Needlepoint Land was pleased to host “The Artisans,” a wonderful group of ladies from Harbor Ridge, a community in nearby Palm City.

The artisans visit local shops to scope out what’s happening in the Treasure Coast’s Arts & Crafts scene, and usually enjoy a luncheon in a nearby restaurant — which, in Needlepoint Land’s case, turned out to be the Diamond Tea Room and Bistro, a few doors down.

There was a fantastic group in attendance: many were experienced needlepoint stitchers, along with a new stitcher, Angie, who learned the basketweave in absolute record time.

It was super fun and I certainly hope the Artisans will come by again soon! And a BIG THANKS to Myrna for choosing Needlepoint Land for this month’s Artisan outing!

Okay, off to work now, but I’ll leave you with snazzy pics of my Cooper Oaks trunk window display, along with a couple of lovely snaps of my puppy, who also dropped by yesterday.


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