Turtle nest sighting


needlepoint belt

39″w x 1.25″ h 18m

Stopped by the beach today, on my way to tennis (I know:  it’s a tough life), and saw my first turtle nest of the season.

Welcome back!

It is really nice for them to be around again; in this instance, the young marine biologist who was cordoning off the nest told me that it was a leatherback‘s nest.   Judging from the tracks left in the sand, she was a really big mommy, too.

Not to be crassly commercial about this, but I do in fact have a sea turtle belt in the Cooper Oaks trunk currently running at Needlepoint Land.

I’ll make sure to prominently display it when I go to the store later today!

… Guess what?

I never did end up at Needlepoint Land today.

Instead, I played hookie.

Partly because I was delayed during an outdoor lunch with my tennis coach — I make him a shepherd’s pie every year for his St. Paddy’s day birthday.

During this lunch, we watched his son (who is a tennis pro in training) play a very entertaining match…

then I had to go back to beach to pick up the “tech crew,” and it was such a nice day that I decided take a guilt-free day off.

Back tomorrow.