View of Sint Maarten
Rendezvous Bay

Do you ever look at a painting and wonder if it would make a beautiful needlepoint canvas design?

I think all stitchers do, from time to time.

Needlepoint Land

Erin at 17, showing the stitch count of a canvas she had just finished

Above are some pics of original designs that I think would make gorgeous, richly colored needlepoint canvases.

The paintings are by a totally tropical totally bohemian totally island life artist named Lydia Séméria, who has lived in the stunning Caribbean island of Anguilla for many years.

I used to go frequently to Anguilla in the 90s (well before some of the original hotels on the beach were rebuilt, particularly after Hurricane Omar), and these pics are scanned postcards I picked up at the time. My husband and I used to stay at the Seahorse on Rendezvous Bay, when it was owned by a free spirit named Ronnie. I’m delighted that Anguilla remains casino-free.

You can see Lydia’s recent work here.

By the way, my family used to vacation in St. Martin (which is right next to Anguilla), back when the world was young — well before the Anguilla trips.

There is a nearby volcanic Dutch island named Saba, which is visible from both St. Martin and Anguilla.

When I was 17 or so I remember telling my mother that one day I would have a German Shep girl named Saba.

And so I did.


Saba photo by Wiki

Postcard artwork copyright Lydia Séméria