Pauline’s Masterpiece

custom needlepoint canvas

24.5″ w x 17.25″ 18m

A custom-designed needlepoint canvas is the ultimate handmade gift idea.

Above is a pic of a wonderful needlepoint pillow that was stitched as a present by Pauline, a long-time Needlepoint Land customer and friend.

The design is based on an old heraldic piece, which was chosen by the person to whom Pauline was going to give the pillow.

A talented local needlepoint artist interpreted the design, and painted the piece with a charcoal grey background — in order to make the large black background easier to stitch.

Isn’t the Greek motif border absolutely majestic?

Pauline picked up the piece yesterday, and everyone at Needlepoint Land marveled at the fab pillow her friend will be receiving.

Congratulations to you, Pauline, for seeing this fantastic project to completion!