Silver tabby

As promised, here’s another JP Needlepoint pic carousel that shows the metamorphosis a needlepoint design goes through at the hands of a highly-skilled creative artist.

Click on (or tap) the first image to launch a gallery of enlarged pics that will show you, in sequence, each design element that Juli added to her silver tabby.

Thank you, Juli, for sending these marvelous pics.

I look forward to carrying this beautiful new canvas at Needlepoint Land in the near future!


PS the Needlepoint Land tech crew is developing a customized slider that will feature fade-ins, dissolves, as well as zoom ins and outs, to create a kind a reverse Cheshire Cat effect with these images.  We’ll see how that goes, and put it up once it’s in good working order. Who knows? It might even turn into an animated stitch guide!

Late breaking news..!!! Here’s a peek at the Cheshire Cat effect using only the head.  The idea is that the rest of the design will gradually materialize, as if out of thin air. Just hover your mouse over the cat’s head and see what happens (there’s a lot of white space at first, because the rest of the design has to gradually fill an 800px square). More to come!

And here is an example of what happens when you see more of the design appear, like magic. Again, hover your mouse over (or tap on) the faint initial image.

Now comes the hard part: building a custom slider so that the images appear to replace one another (within the same box or “frame”), instead of being stacked, as you see above.  This is a neat trick, and is a little more sophisticated than the plain gallery widget supplied by WordPress, but the tech crew should have it ready in a day or two!

Proof of concept finished. Look for a fuller implementation by Sunday. Test code works on all major browsers.  Hover your mouse or tap the image to see the captions.  Captions code needs “Responsive Design” tweaking on Android.  This means the captions are too big and do not fade away correctly on, for example, Galaxy smartphones. Untested on iPhones.

“We’re all mad here,” said the Cheshire Cat.
“That’s no reason to quit stitchin’!,” replied Alice.

# # #