Basketful of cutes

A-tisket, a-tasket, a green and purple basket, and some pics of what’s new at Needlepoint Land today.

First, there’s a seahorse mini sock…

needlepoint seahorses

Can you spot the little white owl?

and here’s the doll that goes with the seahorse mini sock…

needlepoint seahorse

And what about this charming black-capped chickadee mini sock?

needlepoint chickadee

Look at him standing next to Mr. Bunny!

Here’s a closeup of the chickadee doll that peeks out of the finished mini sock.

needlepoint bird chickadee

I also restocked the very popular owl mini socks (about 5 different designs), added a hippo, and a camel.

And last but not least… now that summer is here, I actually have the time to finish my very own stitching project!

needlepoint curtain tassels