Dog Days

Yes, yes:  it’s mid-July, and Needlepoint Land is in fact located in Florida, so business has slowed up, but that does not stop me from keeping busy and taking care of all those things I had no time for in-season, such as putting up track lighting, adding a street sign, and tidying up the back.

Meanwhile, here are some pics of the store — including one of a new book that just arrived — during these doggone hot summer days. Sharon G’s new book is terrific and includes more than 125 darning patterns for needlepoint canvas. I really enjoyed her first book and her second does not disappoint! They’re flying out of the store like hotcakes and I may have to order some more!

ps stay tuned for Needlepoint Land’s announcement of its exclusive original canvas design (en route from the painter’s) and other goodies.


dd0 dd1 dd2 dd4 dd3 dd5 dd7 dd6 dd9 dd10 dd11 dd12 dd13

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