Upward, ho!

needlepoint santa

Santa at Cape Hatteras
4″ round 18m

The inexorable climb of Needlepoint Land’s Likes haul on Facebook continues its dizzying ascent.

The latest tally is a magisterial 18, a mere 48 hours after I first put up a Needlepoint Land business page on FB.

Now I know some deep-pocketed needlepoint sites have 20,000+ Likes on their FB business pages, but then again, I’m just getting started!

Things is, I had around 1,000 views on my blog since I starting adding links from here to the Needlepoint Land FB page, earlier this week, so maybe this FB eCommerce marketing hypothesis that I just cooked up (see here) is a little shaky in terms of being worth the effort on my part.

Probably why many needlepoint shops add to their biz pages there so infrequently these days, since those first frothy FB days of yore, you know, the ones that so invitingly promised free promotional content on personal News Feeds through the mechanism of Likes, and of course, good times for all.

My how things are changing.

Of course, I could be totally wrong about all this, so I’d love to hear your take on the subject (I am talking about the business rationale of establishing a presence on FB as a small needlepoint shop owner, or, rather, the owner of a small needlepoint shop, with limited resources and millions of things to do).

Don’t get me wrong, though.

This has nothing to do with the obvious merit of joining a virtual needlepoint group on some platform, such as Facebook or Google+ or Yahoo, or, if you can afford to hire the help to do it for you (personally, I don’t quite yet have FB business page manager as a line item in my Needlepoint Land budget this year), having FB act as some kind of virtual catalog /ad generator for your needlepoint merchandise/business — since busy shop owners, in addition to the cost gotcha (buying Likes ain’t free!), will rarely have the time to keep up personally with all the changes that constantly take place at FB, and I don’t think Cortana will be of much help in that regard.

I told the surly Needlepoint Land tech crew (who are now all smug but haven’t yet uttered the dreaded “I told you so” phrase yet) to buzz off, as I am still optimistic that Needlepoint will miraculously snap up an additional 480 Likes by Sunday.

Piece of cake.

To that end, I’ll put this delightful Santa at Cape Hatteras orn up on FB later today, and, see if that lures any additional prized “free” Likes.

After Sunday, I might write a thing or two about what I have concluded about the merits of “organic reach” on FB, which, to be frank, I initially thought had to do with keeping limber with natural vitamins as the birthdays roll by.

Okay, I didn’t really.

Later, gators.



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