Bonsai Saturday


The lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer in Fla are a great time to drive up and down US1 to explore, or maybe just go out on a boat trip.

needlepoint regatta

Partially-stitched Susan Tresglown regatta

Given that Needlepoint Land is closed on Saturdays during August and September, the hubster and I decided to pay a visit yesterday to the Heathcote Botanical Gardens in Fort Pierce.

Surprisingly, I had never been to this little gem of a place.

Definitely worth the trip. There are several themes within the gardens: Coral Reef, Reflecting Pond, Japanese, Rainforest, and the highlight, Bonsai Garden.

There is a replica of an original pioneer house and a Chickee Hut. While it was extremely hot and humid yesterday in this neck of the woods, I imagine this jaunt would be much more enjoyable during the fall and spring.

Next on the Summer Saturday field trip agenda is a visit to the Morikami Japanese Gardens near Palm Beach.

Then again, I want to go see my beloved panthers on the West Coast of Fla.

bonsai 0 bonsai 1 bonsai 2 bonsai 3 bonsai 4 bonsai 5 bonsai 6 bonsai 7 bonsai 9 bonsai 10 bonsai 12 bonsai 14 bonsai 15 bonsai 16 bonsai 17 bonsai 18 bonsai 19 bonsai 20 bonsai 21 bonsai 23 bonsai 24 bonsai 27 bonsai 29 bonsai 31 bonsai 33 bonsai 35 bonsai 37 bonsai 38 bonsai 39 bonsai 40 bonsai 42 bonsai 45 bonsai 49 bonsai 50 bonsai 52 bonsai 54 bonsai 56 bonsai 58 bonsai 62 bonsai 63 bonsai 64 bonsai 65 bonsai 66 bonsai 67 bonsai 68 bonsai 69 bonsai 71 bonsai 72 bonsai 75 bonsai 77 bonsai 78 bonsai 79 bonsai 81 bonsai 82 bonsai 84 bonsai 85 bonsai 86 bonsai 88 bonsai 89 bonsai 90 bonsai 91 bonsai 93 bonsai 94 bonsai 95 bonsai 96 bonsai 97 bonsai 98 bonsai 99 bonsai 102 bonsai 104 bonsai 109 bonsai 110

4 thoughts on “Bonsai Saturday

  1. You’re welcome! Btw the way, I bought a Jade bonsai a year ago for Needlepoint Land, when I opened the store, to ensure it enjoyed good Feng Shui!

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