Shady Business

Summer is nothing if not slow in Fla, there is no doubting that.
Great opportunity, therefore, to make structural changes to Needlepoint Land in preparation for the coming season.
There are going to be a few of those in the coming weeks.

Yesterday, for example, I had the front display window shades changed after the store closed for the afternoon.
The cheesy bamboo ones from Lowes that I had installed last year were starting to sag; Needlepoint Land was long overdue for an upgrade in that department.

Saturdays truckBy happenstance, I came across a guy named Guy from Saturday’s in my travels. After talking with him for a while, he suggested an idea that turned out to be exactly what I needed: Mermet eScreens.

So Guy came by yesterday to put them in.  After he was done, it was noticeably cooler in the store.

Guy also had quite a number of other really helpful ideas — such as raising at eye level the automated scrolling ticker that asks customers to other stores to please leave a parking space for Needlepoint Land stitchers!

Here are the install pics.


sh1 sh2 sh3 sh4 sh5 sh6 sh7 sh8 sh9 sh10 sh11 sh12 sh13 sh14 sh15 sh17 sh18 sh19 sh20

6 thoughts on “Shady Business

  1. Besides looking great, I’m thinking they may really help with the a/c bill this hot summer. They’ve already made a huge difference with the ambiance of the store.

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