Let me chair something with you!

needlepoint antique chair

The other day, one of my neighbors at Country Club Plaza mentioned that there was a gorgeous needlepoint chair for sale at the nearby Re-store.

Being someone who likes to “rescue” old needlepoint, I went to check it out — but couldn’t find it. So I asked one of the volunteers there if they still had it. They did!

One look and I bought it.

The volunteer who found the chair also researches items like this. I was told it was a hand-made chair circa the 1890s and it is known as a “woman’s sitting chair.”  (We are talking the 19th century here.)

The chair is in mint condition as is the needlepoint. It has really old functional casters and the seat padding is horsehair.

I love it, and it looks right at home in my store.

Meanwhile, I’ll be making an important (to me at least!) Needlepoint Land-related announcement on Wednesday.

Stay tuned for all the juicy details… .

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