Silken Ivory Tower

needlepoint threads

Here are some beauty Silk and Ivory threads that came in today. This is a partial order as I will be carrying the full line (240 colors) starting next month. The Silk and Ivory will take up this entire tower, and all the other threads that you see in the pics will be moved to a new spinner.

needlepoint threadsI am going to be displaying this thread in family groupings rather than numerically.

I have to say that the colors of Silk and Ivory are sublime. It is a 50/50 blend of silk and merino wool and an extremely popular thread–mostly because the colors are so vivid and clear.

Additionally, starting this fall, I will start carrying Impressions, which is also a 50/50 blend of silk and wool, albeit much thinner than Silk and Ivory.

I hear that there is a new “mystery” thread debuting in Dallas, but was not able to get any scoop on that as it is all very “top secret.” I tried but couldn’t pry it out of my source. Speaking of Dallas, I am sure I will find yet more threads to add to Needlepoint Land’s collection.