Destination Dallas

needlepoint angel

Elvis has left the building

Well…. just got back from the beauty parlor and now my ‘do is all ready for next week  at Destination Dallas!

I’m looking forward as always to going to this terrific all needlepoint show. It’s a welcome start to the new season, and I expect to be bringing back lots of goodies.

The theme this year is the 50s, and the event’s slogan is “Stitch, Rattle and Roll”  — which is why I photoshopped the Poodle Skirt Angel that I’m currently stitching, just in case The King reads my blog from Rock and Roll Heaven.

Meanwhile, things have been picking up as of late.

The summer doldrums are coming to a close.  I’ve been keeping busy putting the finishing touches on — this is going to my e-commerce site, which as loyal readers of my blog know, went through a test run a few weeks ago.

The site has changed a great deal since then.

I’ve kept a lot of the images big, so that you can really eyeball the merchandise, but I’ve spent a lot time trying to arrange my e-store’s “display areas” so that they are just right.

Call me overly meticulous, but I wasn’t going to be satisfied with having a needlepoint online store that was just lots and lots of needlepoint pics, without also having something a little extra to showcase the beautiful canvases that are available at Needlepoint Land.

needlepoint framed canvasI’m happy to report that everything on that end has pretty much been squared away.  It’s now “just” a matter of uploading the canvas pics to the store catalog, which is going to be an on-going process — I will start off with about 100 canvases, then go from there.

I’m planning on launching the site right after Destination Dallas, so that I can display all the gorgeous new canvases I’ll be bringing back with me, cash on the barrel!

Meanwhile, I thought I would show you a couple of things that you might find of interest.

The pic immediately above is something I recently finished stitching and just had framed. The pic is cropped, but it has a linen mat and gold bamboo frame.  Yes, every now and then I do actually finish a stitching project. It’s not the most complicated piece I’ve ever stitched, but I think it will look just fine and dandy at the store — when I find space to hang it, that is!

Also I wanted to show you lovely card that a customer sent me recently.

needlepoint land cardIt is a truly gorgeous quilled Bird of Paradise. I liked it so much, I had it framed. Thanks, Trudy!

Well, that’s it for now.

I’ll putting up another post probably around mid-week, right before I leave — unless I am able to tear myself away from putting the finishing touches on

So stay tuned, and thank you for visiting Needlepoint Land!

8 thoughts on “Destination Dallas

  1. Hi Andrea–I am leaving for Dallas Friday morning, so the store will be closed from 9/25 through 9/29. I will be back in the store Wed 9/30.

  2. Thank you for your kind comments! Im looking forward to the big show. Im going with a suitcase full of cash, and hope to return with a suitcase full of canvases!

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