Swipe this!

needlepoint regatta

Okay… let’s see where we are.

Though sometimes I feel as if I live in a sleepy little town in a forgotten corner of Florida, Needlepoint Land does keep me rather busy at times.

needlepoint land emv transitionFirst there’s this EMV smart card transition I have to deal with, prior to October 1st.

It’s a dull subject but super Important Business — everything has to be as secure as possible when it comes to processing credit cards.

I’m also in the midst of upgrading my floor displays (more on that next week).

Speaking of which, a huge spinner with an orange base came in yesterday.  It’s for hanging my DMC floss, and will replace a few of the wooden boxes that I currently use to house my floss.  I’m having my handy man paint it Antique White before assembling it for me, tomorrow if all goes well.

Meanwhile, I’m finishing up Phase 1 of loading pics and putting finishing touches on my eCommerce site (which is officially launching next week, btw…. yay!).  I’m starting out with just over 100 canvases, and then will expand my online catalog from there.  As they say, Rome was not built in a day!

In addition, I have some new PIX (ie, pictures of my customer’s finished work) to show you.

needlepoint kiddiesWhat can I say about the needlepoint beauties that one of my customers came in to show me the other day?  I just love the nifty decorative stitches Sheila did on both of them; she’s a truly talented stitcher.

It was convenient that she also brought her granddaughters to the store: it’s their hands you see holding up the finished pieces for me so that I could snap some pics.  Who knows? Maybe they, too, will become needlepoint stitchers one day!

As if all that is not enough to keep me busy, I’m now just a day away from flying out to the Dallas needlepoint show.

But all my bags aren’t packed, yet — though as the song goes, I’m ready to go — because poor Saba, my German sheppie, gets anxiety attacks every time my red suitcase comes out from behind the door where I hide it.

saba 2Poor little Sabie girl!  She does love her Mama so, but her self-confidence just goes to pieces whenever I’m not around for any length of time.  Hopefully the tech crew will remember to feed her, give her some fresh water, and walk her now and then, when they are not otherwise glued to their computer screens.  In the meantime, the suitcase stays discreetly hidden until Friday morning.

That said, I’ll be putting up pics of all my new stuff on Needlepoint.land early next week, so remember to have that nice shiny, plastic all ready when you come by to check out my Dallas loot!


2 thoughts on “Swipe this!

  1. Shop is looking good! Pretty doggie, too. Have fun — look forward to all that is to come from your wonderful shop!

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