Big Red

red suitcase

Big Red

Home sweet home.

Arrived late last night, around 1am.  I’m exhausted from traveling, but pleased as punch at all the goodies I brought back.

I should really rest up after a hectic weekend in Dallas, but I ‘m way too excited to wait to open my famous red suitcase that is now bursting at the seams with gorgeous canvases.

Some vendors very nicely agreed to ship my last minute purchases, as I couldn’t actually fit everything into Big Red.

I’ll have to wait for those items to arrive later in the week — but at least I didn’t have to run to the nearby Target to buy extra luggage, which some store owners ended up doing in 98 degree heat!

Before I head out to Needlepoint Land, here’s a quick peek at a few things that caught my eye during the show.

What you see below is the Destination Dallas show program; a lovely ETC beach canvas that could be made into a tote or pillow; two wonderfully stitched and finished Labors of Love Halloween models that I was absolutely smitten with; two stitched models by Juli Poitras of JP Designs (a gorgeous peacock and Halloween flower); the entrance to the banquet on Sunday night; and , finally, the Joy Bell model for the class I took on Sunday night–the canvas is a Raymond Crawford design and the class was taught by Diana Bosworth.

When I get to the store, I’ll also take a snap of a Rebecca Wood canvas that was taught at one of the classes I attended.  The instructor was the talented Cynthia D. Thomas, who created a fabulous stitch and thread handout for the class.  By the way, the canvases, threads and beads for all the classes at this event were donated by thread manufacturers, including Rainbow Gallery, and many others.  Thank you, vendors!

Speaking of which, I also bought lots of new threads and will take a few pics of these after I put them up on the spinner display at the store.  But first, I have to unpack Big Red!


destination dallas needlepoint trade show

needlepoint beach and sandals

needlepoint Halloween models


needlepoint show 1950s

needlepoint rock and roll trade show

needlepoint raymond crawford finished model

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