Instant hit wonders

Below are pics of a few more items that I brought back with me from Texas.

Judging by how it went at the store today, looks like my customers are particularly keen on the Dallas show this year: a number of items sold as I was trying to price them, which is always a great problem to have.

I have several versions of the Kirk & Bradley travel rounds (including Paris, Boston, London, Rome and New York), but I just had to get me a pair of those cowboy boots again (I own an actual pair of cowboy boots in real life!).

Immediately below are two new designs from the show; I haven’t had the chance to measure them yet. The blue one was a class at DD and I purchased the red and orange version as well. Let me know if any of these designs interest you and I will do my best to oblige!

needlepoint canvas

Amanda Lawford – red floral

Amanda Lawford – blue floral

needlepoint owl halloween

Barbara Bergsten bb1793 6h x 5w 18m $98 – Halloween Owl in High Heels

needlepoint canvas fish

JP 522 5w x 4h 18m $60 – Reef Fish

needlepoint ice cream soda

Kate Dickerson pl332 5w x 7h 18m – ice cream soda

needle magnet

Owl Needle Minder

needlepoint canvas texas

Kirk & Bradley 4in. 18m $67 – Travel Texas Round