Busy biz

needlepoint canvas

I was pricing quite a few Dallas canvases earlier today.

But I’m not going to show pics of these here (except for the big-eyed doggie you see above), as my goal is to launch Needlepoint.land by Sunday — and I have quite a bit of busy work left to do in that regard.

Little by slow, I’ll get there.

I’m also going to add a couple of things to the Policies section of my on-line store regarding pulling threads for a given canvas.

In a nutshell, I will only do this if you are buying said canvas from me. No separate thread purchases on-line; pulled thread orders in their entirety — meaning threads + associated canvases — shall be processed off-line as a single transaction.  I shall describe the process in more detail at Needlepoint.land, which has a different policy regarding pulled threads from that of my B&M.

Buying high end needlepoint threads in bulk is a rather expensive proposition (depending on the vendor, there are minimums, shipping costs, etc).  Thread vendors do not generally allow store owners to replace threads by the skein.

Therefore my in-store policy is to always keep enough needlepoint thread on hand to meet the needs of Needlepoint Land’s brick-and-mortar customers who buy my canvases at the store, and if a customer who is physically at my store wants me to pull threads for a canvas they did not purchase from me, I may have to charge that customer a restocking fee (of course, there is no such fee if a customer is in the store and wishes to buy only a few threads!).

Another thing I’m adding to my Needlepoint.land Policies page is a 500 dollar limit to on-line purchases. I am not going to get into details, but it does have something to do with information that shop owners received at the Dallas Trade Show.

And that is all I will say about that, other than to mention that if you wish to place an order for more than 5oo dollars with Needlepoint.land, please call, and we can take it from there.

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