A better mousetrap?

light bulb

I think the thread ordering process, as outlined in the previous post, is waaaaaay too convoluted: not just is it too much work for the customer, but ergo there’s too much opportunity for lost sales.

I may have a better idea.

To wit:

  1. Customer browses catalog, finds a canvas she likes.
  2. Customer decides she wants me to pull the threads for this canvas.
  3. Customer places item in wish list.
  4. Customer sends me an automated “Request to Pull Threads” form (which the tech crew will have to create) that is linked to the product.
  5. Needlepoint Land creates a pulled thread line item in the catalog, send link to it via email back to customer
  6. Customer then places both the canvas and the pulled thread line item in their shopping cart and checks out the normal way

needlepoint poisonThis seems a lot more “frictionless” than the clunky emails and phone calls method of the previous post. I have to discuss this with the tech crew, and it may delay launch for a few days in order to implement, but I like this process a whole lot more.

Not only is it easier for the customer, but this means that the second time round, another customer wishing for threads to be pulled for the same canvas would not have to submit the request form, as the catalog would have already have been updated with the pulled thread line item.

In addition, order fulfillment using this process would remain PCI-compliant throughout the transaction stream, with no co-mingling of orders with Needlepoint Land’s B&M credit card processing operation.

The previous approach may not be toxic, but I do think this way goes down the ole gullet a whole lot smoother.

What do you think?

4 thoughts on “A better mousetrap?

  1. Thanks Lynn. I am going to create a custom form for the thread selections and will post it on the blog when it’s created and get everyone’s feedback. I can also create a test ID if you want to test it out on the site once the tech crew puts it up and you have time to take a look. By the way, I purchased the entire line of the new RG thread Capri, but am trying to figure out where exactly I will be displaying it in my store. I also bought all the new colors of Entice and Neon Rays +.

  2. Definitely a better plan, plus it gives an experienced stitcher the opportunity to applaud or veto the fiber selection pulled; some folks just won’t work with some fibers while others are willing to experiment with new things. No surprises with this method – good going, Ms. Erin!

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