Threading the needle

needlepoint threads

All right, UPS has my bright new and shiny EMV credit card terminal waiting for me to pick it up at their Stuart warehouse.  I will go there later today after work.


Meanwhile, still busy as a bee with the Dallas canvases…

As you are probably already aware, there is no central IMDB in the sky where needlepoint shop owners can just go to download quality pics and accurate canvas details (such as SKU, size, mesh, and price).

This all has to be done, yes, manually, and is a ridiculously labor-intensive process.

Why the TNNA or some other industry organization has not stepped in and convinced needlepoint designers and suppliers to have a centralized database for this sort of thing is beyond me!

So much duplication of work, if you think about it.  It would make all our lives so much easier.

Now here’s the main point of this post.

After some thought on the matter last night, I also ended up writing a preliminary “pulled threads” policy for — which goes live in a matter of days.

Because I want you — my customers — to always know up front the details of your shopping experience at Needlepoint Land, I am reproducing this on-line policy here in its entirety.

Comments/feedback are most welcome!

Sorry, but does not sell threads separately.

If you wish to have pull threads for a canvas you intend to purchase,
please call 772.223.9700, or email

Needlepoint Land will set the canvas aside for you, as a thread quote is prepared.

Please do not process your canvas order online (using’s shopping cart) for a pulled thread / canvas order.  This is to ensure you are not double-billed.

Needlepoint Land will supply you via email with a quote/description of your entire pulled thread order.  This email will include the cost of each canvas, plus the pulled threads.

We request that you confirm via return email your agreement as to this price quote, in order for us to initiate the complete transaction offline.  You must then also call us to supply your credit card info.

Upon receipt of confirmation, Needlepoint Land will manually complete processing your order after you call to provide your credit card number.  Do not send any credit card information via email, please.

The pulled threads will then be shipped, along with your purchased canvas, to your credit card billing address.

Please note that no returns are accepted for threads, except in the case of lost or damaged items. does not retain credit card information, except for the last 4 digits of your credit card as reference.

Please email if you have any further questions on thread pull orders.


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