Think about it

needlepoint land display wall

Dallas ’15 canvases

Things have been really hoppin’ on the front this week. The current thinking is for going live is this weekend.  But then again, thoughts can change, and often do.

There was a major security related upgrade in WordPress on Monday, which caused the tech crew to have to work overtime to ensure everything is functioning correctly on the site.

This is something I did not quite realize about the online part: there are a lot of moving pieces to it, and they are not all from the same vendor, and everything has to work as expected, which they do not always do when one of the software suppliers issues a new release of what are called “plug-ins.”

needlepoint land canvases

Dallas ’15 canvases on Needlepoint Land’s stitching table

I also decided added a Kitting product to my online “presence” (I just love this pompous online terminology, which I constantly make fun of); that is to say, give online customers the ability to request that Needlepoint Land pull threads for the canvases they buy from me on the Internet. I will not be selling threads by themselves; so you have to have a regular PO for a Needlepoint Land canvas to request kitting.

We continue to put up pictures of canvases; it’s slow going; there will be about 150 or so of these to start off. Then I will go from there, and continue to add to the catalog as we go along during the weeks and months ahead.

My concept from the start was to have a selection of beautiful canvases, presented in a simple but dazzling way on the internet, rather than have the standard array of boring pages and pages of slightly out of focus pics, which may or may or not actually be available in these type of “stores” (I am talking about these fly-by-night internet only outfits that display thousands of canvas pics, ask for your credit card info, then you find out that they dont have the item you want in stock, and that in fact they are not needlepoint stores at all, but PO boxes somewhere:  hey I shouldn’t knock it:  maybe in the end that is ultimately going to be the future of needlepoint retailing!)

Tomorrow there will be a major infrastructure server upgrade, which is going to make even faster (one of the reasons it has been such slow going, is that we have taken great pains to “optimize” each and every pic, to make the site render pics like greased lightning, as they say), so the tech crew will no doubt be again very business Thursday testing everything again.

It’s quite a thing, going online, there are so many things to think about, particularly when you have to do it all yourself, including actually (re)building the desktop computer you used to create the site.

Talk about DIY!