Stitch Clock

Stitch Clock

Here’s a catchy little “app” that you might want to download on to your computer.

It’s fun to look at, it’s really simple, and it’s free (including virus free!).

The idea is this:  wouldn’t it be cool to have a Stitch Clock that you can use to measure you progress on your needlepoint projects?

Created by the ace-a-rooni Needlepoint Land tech crew, this app runs on any browser, but works best on Firefox, Opera, and Chrome.

Stitch Clock features a working clock, and nice shiny tapestry needle, a tag line, and the NPL logo.

You might notice that neither the clock nor the needle ever get blurry, no matter how big you make them in your browser — that is because they were created as SVG images.

I can envision future versions allowing you to enter details about your projects as you stitch them, perhaps allowing you to detail how much time you spend each day on a given project, or which threads you need to find, or how much time it took to stitch each section of a needlepoint canvas, etc.

Try it out, and let me know how you think the app can be improved to be truly useful and fun to you as a needlepoint stitcher.

For example:  be able to annotate each project in a separate folder with information about the threads and stitches used.  be able to attach a pic of the canvas you are working on to each project as its icon.  be able to add pics of your canvas to your project at the various stages of it being stitched. being able to share the results on fb.  have a stopwatch function that measures exactly how much elapsed time it has taken to stitch a particular canvas.  etc…

*    *   *

Here’s how to download the Stitch Clock. (this is just a very simple html prototype version that will run on any browser just by clicking on the dowloaded file on your computer.)
First go to

Then create an account, which requires an email and password. Just click on the Silhouette icon on the left side on the menu bar.

After that,  you just need to take the following simple steps.
First, find the Stitch Clock in the catalog
The quickest way to do this is type “clock” or “stitch” in the Search magnifying glass icon on the right side of the menu bar.

Then just proceed on through to the Checkout process until you see the Stitch Clock file image ready to download.

Just click on download, and the app will automatically go to your Download folder on your desktop.



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