Is this the real thing?

adsense pic

Google ad on

Or is this just fantasy?!

Nope. is now serving Google ads.

I’ve totally sold out.*

But it’s so much fun!



*on a more serious note, thanks to Jane from Chilly, and some SEO things the tech crew did on The Google, there was a ton of traffic on .land yesterday.  I figure that if I can, to use Internet parlance, “monetize these eyeballs,” then I can maybe one day get another revenue stream going to keep my little store in Stuart, Fla going!  I realize I am not going to be the only one out there selling needlepoint canvases, but I  can strive to have the best presentation of needlepoint art on-line.  This in theory should keep .land evergreen (and ease the summer doldrums), despite my lack of endlessly deep pockets (in terms of being able to buy everything out there than I would ideally want to have in my store, which might have been possible had I bought Google stock at its IPO price — who knew?!!!), particularly if the tech crew gets around to actually implementing things like Stitch Clock (the real version, which I would probably set up on Google Play for easy downloading), establish an FB presence, and other goodies that are in the pipeline. Ah, but first, I have to tote up the sales tax for the quarter and mail a check to the state.  They just informed me I’ve made the big time, and now have to start doing this on a monthly basis, commencing Jan ’16.  *sigh*  The back office side of this is such a joy!


UPDATE  the ad banner space above my .land header is now a white empty box!  It looks like Google Adsense puts up an ad initially for testing purposes, then doesn’t for a week or so, as it monitors a site’s traffic, and send me stuff in the mail to make sure it’s really me or whatever.  I guess this is a little more complicated than I thought it was going to be.  I’ll take it off if handling ads becomes too much of a hassle, or I don’t like the type of ads served up through DoubleClick and company: no Lose 15 lbs in 15 Days banners, thank you very much.


UPDATE 2 The Googles just wrote me that I screwed something up in adsense.  So this is going to have to wait till next week to get sorted out, after I do the sales tax thingie.


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