Do Re Do

I went all in yesterday and redid the front of the store, instead of playing tennis — which is what I usually do on Mondays.

And I even managed to, er,  sandwich in having lunch with Anne Cram. More on my high-flying adventures with the indomitable Anne tomorrow.

I’ll start off this longish post by showing you the back of the window display unit that I commenced redoing the other day.  It’s an area of the store I’m using to highlight (literally, as I also recently had overhead  track lighting installed) new canvases that arrive at Needlepoint Land.

Pretty brilliant idea, yes? (okay, that’s far too many terrible puns already; I’ll stop now.)

Now this display unit is totally custom-made, and it even glides on teeny little wheels, which makes it make easy as pie to move the darn thing around (it’s heavy), in order to add new items, or vacuum the carpet around it, or flip it around just for fun.

And as you can you see, I decided to use thick red rosin paper as a background veneer.

The purpose of this application is to hide the somewhat unattractive-looking individual cork panels that were used to construct the wall.  It also provides a color-neutral, uniform background to the canvases on display.

needlepoint land display unit


needlepoint land display

Notice the fab custom shades that I can pull down to protect my canvases from the morning sun


needlepoijnt land display


And here’s a closer look at the individual pieces I pinned on to this side of my rolling display wall.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now you sharp-eyed stitchers probably noticed that I also tacked on some styrofoam boards to the trellis thingie that I had installed last year to cover (while still letting in light) the glass window that separates Needlepoint Land from the patio of the restaurant next door.

What this did is instantly create a huge new display area where I could show off even more fabulous canvases!

needlepoint land

Notice the illuminated skull on the bottom left!

And here are a bunch of pics that give you some idea of the breadth of merchandise currently being offered via the multiple trunk shows I have going on simultaneously this month —  well as various artsy snaps of the rest of the store, some of which hint at my extensive thread selections.


Seeing that Needlepoint Land is currently running a 20% per cent sale (good till Dec 1, 2015) off the marked price for all canvases purchased in-store (except for those that have already been marked down), now is a really good time to ask yourself the only question that matters at this exciting stage in needlepoint history:

Is there really, truly any reason at all left to shop anywhere else???!





2 thoughts on “Do Re Do

  1. If it’s the “Here for the boos” canvas you are referring to,
    the artist is Lynn and you can purchase it from online here:

    If it’s the Elizabeth Turner “Boo” canvas you are referring to

    or the a.bradley beetle boo canvas

    then please email me your contact info at and I can either call you or email you availability/price info

    If none of those are what you are looking for, please tell me the specific post
    where you saw it on my blog,

    the “Welcome” canvas is from Needle Deeva and I will be happy to email you a better pic and price info plus size and mesh count

    Thank you for visiting at Needlepoint Land!

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