Clearing the deck


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Tomorrow is Wednesday, which always means it’s Stitch-O-Mania day at Needlepoint Land.

It starts at 1PM and goes on till 4ish.

I’m expecting a healthy turnout, so I decided to reconfigure my front display area (yet again!) to make room for my guests: basically, I had to clear the Needle Deeva and a. bradley trunks off the Stitch-O-Mania table and find room for them somehwere.

Easier said than done.

Since I had no extra tables, I decided to improvise and create one out of the antique National Geographic map case I had laying around the store.

This case contains amazing maps from c. 1953, and was given to my grandfather for his long service as National Advertising Director.

Well, now it’s a prop; the world can be a cruel place.  Sorry, Daddy Rod!

Now there’s plenty of room at the Stitch-O-Mania table, so why not drop by, if you happen to be in the neighborhood, and would like some company tomorrow while you stitch — one of the unparalleled advantages of having a needlepoint brick and mortar nearby!