It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s super Anne!

custom airplane

So where was I…?

Oh, yes. Lunch yesterday with the fantastically energetic Anne Cram, who thinks nothing of driving from Florida to Montauk at the drop of a hat.

So we met at this Mexican place in North Palm Beach county, and over cervezas , burritos and this amazingly tasty black bean soup, she gave me the scoop on the latest re her gallery on the tip of the East fork of LI.

Burrito BrosSeems like the vandals took the handle, or something along those lines, which is why she’s vamoosing back pronto, but not before presenting me with this absolutely gorgeous canvas that she created for a Needlepoint Land customer who has a relative who flies custom-made planes.

I am not kidding.

So the indefatigable and multi-talented Anne used the pic you see above to create a design that just… now to say this? Oh yes, that just flies off the canvas.

My customer was floating on air when she picked it today.

Thank you, Anne! And safe trip on the road back to Montauk!

needlepoint plane

Next up, highlights from the Needledeeva and a. bradley trunk shows currently running at Needlepoint Land.

20 per cent in-store discount between now and Dec 1st, excepting threads and items already marked down.

Honestly now, is there really any reason to shop anywhere else?

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