PS there have been over a thousand visits in the last few days to the Black Friday post. If you want to read it, just ask for the pwd via email or call. I dont understand this whole secretive thingie going on here. It talks about some real issues, and you know what, I would appreciate some other Needlepoint Store owners adding their two cents without hiding behind the cloak of anonymity.

2 thoughts on “Art-itechture

  1. Actually the Black Friday (BF) post was open to all, for 5 days. Anyone could read it without signing in. Then when it became featured (by accident, mind you!) on Chilly, I happened to slap a pwd on it — before I knew it would be featured. Most people who visit this blog say very little. That is fine. But since the BF post concerns real issues that perhaps may be of interest to actual owners of brick and mortar needlepoint stores, I thought, fine, well, now may be a good time to nudge them speak up! IMHO, it would be great for other B&M store owners to share what they think as to the points raised by that post.

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