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This may be small potatoes, but I just love the mini blue suitcase Trunk Show icon (see below) that I just added to my online store.  It’s part of the ongoing redesign of  Needlepoint.land, which I am trying to streamline to make for an even easier, mobile-friendly shopping experience.

You can check out the suitcase (or Trunk Show) icon in action here.

The idea behind this is to allow you to create — simply by clicking on the little blue suitcase — a custom catalog on the fly for any trunk show that you may wish to view online, instead of have everything lumped together in endless pages that you then have to laboriously click through to find what you want.

And in case you haven’t yet visited my online shop, you might be interested to know that you can also search the Needlepoint.land catalog using the clickable Categories “knob” (i.e., the drop down menu at the bottom of every displayed page) that scopes the canvases you see to the type of design motif you wish to view.

Cool, huh?

By the way, I will be adding lots more handpicked selections from the Lee’s Needlearts catalog later today, so you might want to take check out the fantabulous January 2016 deals — 15 % off! — that I’m offering on these absolutely gorgeous needlepoint designs.

Nobody else shows you such clear and HUGE needlepoint canvas pics online that display fast on any device in order to make your needlepoint shopping decision as simple as ABC!


needlepoint trunk show icon

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