Homeward Bound


needlpoint bookcase

Lots of Needlepoint Land news to tell you about today.


First off, this beautiful Bookcase Alcove canvas just came in.  I ordered it at Destination Dallas, and I am really pleased at how nicely it turned it out.

I was going to write something corny to promote it, such as, let’s see…


And you read your Emily Dickinson, as I stitch my Robert Frost…

what an idyllic spot to read a book!


But this gorgeous Fleur de Paris canvas sorta promotes itself, so no need for corny promo.

You can buy it here.


needlepoint land trunk

Lee’s Needlearts trunk at Needlepoint Land

In other news, I am continuing to add to the Lee’s Needleart trunks catalog on Needlepoint.land, as you can see here.


Now here’s the really BIG NEWS.


I spent a lot of time over the holidays reading all about ecommerce and mobile traffic issues (see my twitter list on the sidebar for a sample of what I’m talking about) and it suddenly dawned on me that after 3+ years of posting regularly to Needlepointland.com that it’s time to “monetize” this blog.

Talk about coming late to the party!

For those of you, like me, who have never heard of this new fangled term, monetize is a fancy-schmancy Internet guru term for saying my blog has to start pulling its own weight in terms of supporting my business.

This absolutely makes perfect sense.


needlepoint land trunk

More from Lee’s Needlearts trunk

Have you ever noticed, for example, that very few needlepoint shops maintain an active blog where you get loads of beautiful snaps and lots of interesting articles and opinion pieces (I am not talking here about slap dash blurbs with blurry canvas pics)?

Think about it.

There is a real good reason for that.

Generally speaking, the payoff to needlepoint store owners for all this work tends to be minimal, thus the dearth of such content.



Should I, too, allow tumbleweed to start blowing across what could quickly become a ghost blog?


But after having published thousands of posts in the various incarnation of Needlepoint Land.com, and enjoying 6-figure traffic views during this period, all I’m going to do is put up a teensy weensy login page in order for you, my dear readers, to be able to get to the great Needlepoint Land blog content you know and love!


What this means in a practical sense is very simple and easy.

All you will have do on a one-time basis is obtain your very own Needlepoint Land ID and Password  and you can continue reading my fantastic needlepoint-related content for FREE to your heart’s content.

Oh, btw, the URL “needlepoint.land” will soon be taking you directly to Needlepoint.land, my online store.

needlepoint land

Even more Lee’s Needlearts trunk

But don’t worry.

A link to the new blog will appear somewhere on the menu bar, and all you will have to do is look for it and go click (after signing in course!).


Yes, I expect there to be a drop-off in terms of traffic, but the truth, my dear customers, is this: I can only justify keeping a blog  going by making it available exclusively to real honest-to-goodness needlepoint stitchers who are genuinely interested in purchasing canvases, thread, and finishing services from Needlepoint Land.


So….   get your Needlepoint Land ID and password as soon as possible, since these changes will take effect early next week.

Meanwhile, feel free to add questions of comments below.  No need to supply any login credentials!

I look forward to hearing from you.



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  1. Fabulous! I will publish a post showing how simple it is to register! Btw, I absolutely loved your house in needlepoint. It was beautifully stitched. Congrats.

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