needlepoint mermaid


Noreen stopped by Needlepoint Land the other day to show me her finished mermaid. She had purchased the canvas from me a couple of months ago, and we chose threads together.

Mermaid 2Originally, the background was a beige sparkle, but Noreen wanted a more watery effect. So she chose a bargello variation to create the ripples in the deep blue sea with two shades of blue Pepper Pot silk.

Isn’t it marvelous?

We decided on adding lots of sparkle for the tail and brown Arctic Rays for her wild hair.

I just love her violet eyes which perfectly complements the octopus.

Now Noreen knows how to frame needlepoint, so she ordered the frame and mounted this nifty piece herself.

Nothing like DIY!

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florida sunrise

Sunrise earlier today, as viewed from Erin’s back porch



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